To promote the feelings of the new regulations! Female employees have to queue up to kiss the boss e xhero

To promote the feelings of the new regulations! Female employees must be lined up every day to kiss the boss concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Seen a bullying boss, not seen such a bullying boss, Xiao Bian also used to see the wonderful, but still below the boss dumbfound, I pretend not routine too deep penetration…… Original title: too wonderful! Beijing, a company requires female employees must queue up to kiss the boss every day… More than half of Beijing Tongzhou a home brewed beer machine company sales staff is female, in order to make the enterprise culture characteristic, cohesion of staff people, the regulations of the company: 9 every morning to 9:30 time is a special company team to establish the feelings of the time. Every day, female employees lined up to accept the boss in turn kissing. What’s your opinion? News source: central broadcasting network reading this news just want to say good boss Yan Fu, more than half of them are women seductive not to say, so you can establish emotional training, do not know how the rest of the male staff thought? You have to say that the exchange of feelings through the kiss we have foreign etiquette, a cheek kiss reluctantly accept it, but this picture is a direct mouth to mouth ah, I do not know why these female employees are willing to accept. To see if users are not small and feel the same incredible ~ hot friends: @ don Xiao Lin: a wish to play, a willingness to endure, what is the relationship with us: lizongyan @ Yanyan Pro more will swell, which in case of employees eat garlic do @ vest comrade: Rogue money that is the enterprise culture. @controversy_rebooting: most people are pro face, you are bullying @ don’t eat small shrimp mud: I want to ask the boss where to go???? @ obsession whale 7: your company is cleaning aunt ah @ sit cloud: what wonderful company [nose] to play rascal @ King bear much trouble: male employee is not at the end of the day the pro boss ah @ circle Park qqq: I want to ask how high salary is willing to every day kiss the boss: boss @ sunflower girl season this is the fourth fifth mistress training work in just ways to see friends and small to the same basic can be assured, it can be called "the establishment of emotional training mode"? Take advantage of the highfalutin name, really flattered, to borrow a word, "not afraid of rogue, fear rogue culture!" Female employees are how to accept this wonderful provisions, it is difficult to imagine, it is reported that there are two female employees because of the provisions of the resignation, it is reasonable to say that this is the reaction of expectations, right? The boss ah, we dare to cultivate team spirit, the construction of enterprise culture, don’t do the yaoezi to satisfy their own selfish. Of course, there are some people doubt that this is a hype news, if it is really hype, the small series is also fortunate that there is no such wonderful society, but can not help but want to say, hype into this is simply a challenge to social tolerance…… Finally, for the majority of employees have a welfare, a good boss as multiple bonus, don’t come to this set of false communication, I believe we will work together more happy ~ stay tuned for more exciting content @)相关的主题文章: