Today, Beijing has a small shower temperature dropped 7 degrees Maximum gust of up to level

Today Beijing has small showers the temperature dropped 7 degrees   maximum gusts up to 6 – environmental protection – in Beijing in September 1, according to the China weather network news today (September 1st) is the first day of school, the end of primary and secondary students during the summer holidays, greet the arrival of the new semester. Today, Beijing temperature decreased than yesterday, coupled with the shower, the larger the wind, people go to work, go to school in time to add clothes. Yesterday, the Beijing weather is sunny, adequate light, Southern Observatory high temperature of 34.1 DEG C, Fengtai District and Haidian District as temperatures rose to 35 degrees Celsius, the high temperature reached the standard. However, today in the cold air, Beijing cloudier sky, the temperature dropped 7 degrees Celsius, while the larger the wind. Beijing municipal meteorological station is expected during the day today, cloudy cloudy with scattered showers, north wind three or four, six gust, the highest temperature of 27 degrees; the night cloudy cloudy, north wind two or three, the minimum temperature of 19 degrees. Today, cloudier sky, wind is large, the temperature dropped out, pay attention to adjust the dress. Beijing larger temperature difference between day and night, should promptly increase clothing. In addition, according to the latest 7 day forecast, this week, the highest temperature in Beijing is below the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the night temperature of about 19 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between day and night, sooner or later, the weather is cooler. Residents shall, according to the latest forecast timely change of clothing, so as not to catch a cold. (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: