Top 5 .mon .puter Problems And

Hardware If you own a .puter, then you have probably encountered these .puter problems before. Once you buy a .puter, you must accept that sooner or later it will eventually crash due to a virus or some other massive error. If someone told you that your .puter will last more than a decade, dont believe it because it is just a myth or another sales pitch. But of course, you should take care of it if you want it to last for its third year without any defects. However, there are many people that would prefer to buy a new .puter than spend some time trying to fix or figure out the problem with their laptop or desktop. Usually after the first two years, you will need some kind of maintenance because your .puter will tend to lose its original speed and performance. Well, here are some if the .mon problems that a .puter user usually experience. You may ask why your .puter has problems. To tell you frankly, most of the time the biggest problem that your .puter has is YOU the owner or the user. There are many people that neglect the first signs of .puter problems. You shouldnt neglect those simple maintenance tasks that can enhance or prolong the life of your .puter. 1. .puter speed or performance has slowed. One of the things that .puter owners usually notice is this. There are several reasons why this happens to your .puter. Lack of maintenance, fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and unnecessary loading of .puter programs and services can surely affect your PC speed and performance. Managing your programs and cleaning your registry can easily boost your .puters performance speed up to 30%. 2. .puter system freezes and blue screens of death. You need to do some serious diagnostic procedures to effectively know the problem with your .puter. .puter virus or spyware are maybe some of the reasons why this is happening to your .puter. Update your anti-spyware immediately to avoid this kind of problem and thoroughly scan your .puter to see if it has any viruses or spywares. If you find that your .puter is free from spyware then updating your hardware drive is the next step. Hardware drives makes it easier for your .puter to effectively .municate with other hardware .ponents. Without an updated driver the CPU locks up and may cause problems when you are using your .puter. If that doesnt work try to increase your .puter RAM to help avoid .puter freezes. By increasing the RAM you get more use out your .puter’s .puting power. 3. The .puter keeps on rebooting again and again. This kind of problem is usually associated with hardware issue. Faulty power supply is usually the cause of this problem. Dirty or defective cooling fan is another reason why your .puter is rebooting spontaneously. When your .puter is trying to cool itself when the fan is defective it automatically switches off. Dust that accumulated in your .puter can trap the heat inside which makes it hotter. What you should do is to clean the fan and make sure that it is running properly. Do not forget to check your power supply. 4. Noises and vibrations. This one is almost certainly that your have hardware issue. High pitched noises can be caused by electronic .ponents. Whatever the reason, you conduct a small investigation. Unplug your .puter and remove the case and run the .puter to discover the origin of noise. If a loose wire or faulty fan is not the one that is making the noise then it may be time to call a .puter tech to help you with your problem. 5. Your browser home page changed itself. It is known as "high-jacking" which is also caused by a Spyware installed on your system. The spyware in your .puter installed a java script into your web browser that tells your browser to change settings hence changing the default home page of your browser. What you can do is to run an anti-virus or spyware program to remove the spyware from your .puter. All of the problems stated in this article can be avoided easily by simply maintaining your .puter. Do not panic when you are experiencing a .puter problem with your pc because the key to fixing that problem is to properly diagnose to identify whats happening to your .puter. Take a few minutes to run some diagnostic test or seek help in .puter forums before you rush out to .puter technical center. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: