Top Ten Male Haircuts Of

Why should girls have all the fun? Men hairstyles are setting great style statements too. The world is growing dotty, while fans all over are emulating them. Christopher Walken, Craig David, Mr. Timberlake and even Leonardo DiCaprio, here the style has no limit! Check out our top ten celebrities famous cuts that may help you in revamping your look all over again. These hot guys of 2008 have alot in store for you. Christopher Walken Christopher Walken We picked this actor’s great style as it cannot go unnoticed. The Academy Award Winner of 1979, an American actor, Christopher Walken looks graceful in his simple and easy to apply hairstyle. People with a long face and a thick hair texture can try this classic yet stylish look in the easiest way. The layers are cut at the sides adding more movement to the overall appearance. All you need to do is a few regular trims and the style is all yours. Al Pacino Who can forget Al Pacino of the God Father’ trilogy? He is an evergreen Hollywood star Al Pacino and icon and his hairstyle preference has always been in demand for offering a distinguished look each time he .es in the public. He has a regular length hair style that adds weight to his hair. The top portion has been delicately angled to one side. He also has another way of styling. His messy hair sliced on his neck and from the sides looks amazingly sexy. The handsome guy is also seen with short crops and a thorny haircut that gives him a real sexy look that of a matured man. Craig David Craig David Trust me, Craig Ashley David, the English R&b singer, has a hairdo which rocks. The best thing about his haircut is that it works best for all weather condition and suits almost every face cut. He is attractive and his hairstyle is just out of the world. This is an overall short length of hair style that adds volume to the face, especially those who have a thin one. This is not the end, the guy experimented nodules on his hair type and to his surprise, and it did wonders on him. The haircut is easy to maintain, looks cool and above all, is highly appreciated. Justin Timberlake Infectiously charming, a heartthrob of many pretty girls, Justin looks really good! With his Justin Timberlake high cheeks bones, sharp facial features and ultra short haircut, with loose curls, makes him a hit. The chocolate guy has given himself a tapered shape with jagged cuts to the top section. Moreover to heighten the style, Mr. Timberlake has intelligently opted for blond and vanilla highlights on his curls. The sweet guy also shaved his head once and looked cool. Later he also kept his sides burns short and highlighted his neckline. His hair is darker at the sides and blond from the top, flawlessly smart. No wonder why all men envy the Mr. Timberlake. Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, The Beach are some of his blockbuster movies worth watching, if you are really looking for some hairdo inspirations from the fine-looking actor. In his movies The Departed, and The Aviator, Leonardo brought in the spiky crop dark hairstyle into fashion. Leonardo shaved the sides of his hair and left the top a little longer. The style icon can carry off both long and short hair very well. He is sometimes seen with a side partition in a way that it shows his broad forehead neatly. His wispy style is still copied by his fans, who love his blond streaks that are sometimes .bed back with few short and soft locks falling on his face. Keanu Reeves When we talk about great hairstyles, how can we forget the great Mr. Matrix Reloaded? Keanu Reeves Keanu looks incredulously sexy with his shiny smooth hair. The actor had often tried different hairstyles like layering his hair into different style that perfectly .plements his long face cut. When it’s not layered, he loves to keep a middle partition which is layered from the sides, almost covering his ear. The guy also looks fabulous with side long burns, crops and even spikes. Nobody else is seen carrying the shoulder length hairstyle so gracefully than him. Mel Gibson Mel Gibson American all rounder, director, actor and producer, Gibson had got some of the most stylist haircuts for himself. Mel had styled in, sides razored short and thinned coiffure, long top portion with razored sides, reflecting his messy and tough look, with Black Grey shaded hair tint and also his brushed back, without partition look. That might take you to the glamorous era of 50’s when hairstyle were especially taken care off. Mel Gibson never fails to colour his hair in a way that it .pliments his skin tone flawlessly. Orlando Bloom Remember the actor of the Troy’ and Lord of the rings’? The actor who sports a beard Orlando Bloom and has boyish looks is a Hollywood hunk and is well known for his eclectic style. It has be.e a fusion of some of the best hairdos. It is cut from sides and the back with the top left slightly longer. Depending on his moods, Orlando layers them and sometimes he is seen messing his top portion with the brush and neatly shaved sides. This style can make even the ordinary man look great. Matt Le Blanc Matt Le Blanc A stunning actor with a good hair texture had styled in the medium length hair with soft tresses falling naturally over his face. Matt looks cool with his side parted hair and long side burns. Matt also once chopped all his hair in a way that it gave him a soft effect around his face. The Hollywood style shooter is also seen applying gels on his hair to make him look all the more stylish. Nick Carter The pop star has an arresting style that is famous among hot chicks. He possesses a Nick Carter brown colour medium length hair styled in the most different of cuts. Nick has kept his back and sides shaved with added jagged cut to his top section. He is a colour guy, often spotted in various shades of brown, blond, golden and vanilla, absolutely matching his skin tone. So next time you knock at the barber shop ask him to serve you with some fresh Hollywood in demand haircuts. 相关的主题文章: