Two financial balance of 8 months fell over 60%, a few brokers relax business

The financial balance of the two 8 months fell over 60% in a small number of firms relax business indicators sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor a small number of firms implementing flexible strategy business indicators – trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng A stock market abnormal fluctuation of experience to relax in mid June, two financial market opening the deleveraging process. After 8 months of adjustment, the two financial balance from June 18th last year to 2 trillion and 270 billion yuan of the highest value to the current 880 billion yuan, down the rate reached 61.23%. The two financial balance continued to decline, also testing the performance of securities firms. Hualin securities in recent days for the first two financial business deregulation. It is understood that Hualin securities has modified a number of two trading transactions in the trading system parameters, and completed the test. Specifically, Hualin securities backed securities exchange rate adjustment will be batch and list of underlying securities, equity securities adjusted average conversion rate will rise from 37.7% to 50.7%, the number of financing subject only from 757 to 903. At the same time, Hualin securities is also the original credit concentration management take four measures to adjust the control file classification into third gear, respectively, the guaranty ratio is less than 180% of the customers, the largest proportion of positions is 30%; the guarantee ratio is higher than 180% (inclusive) but less than 240% of the customers, the largest proportion of positions is 60%; the guarantee ratio is higher than 240% (including) customers, the maximum position ratio of 100%. For the relaxation of Hualin securities two financial business indicators, an unnamed financial sources told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, with A recent stock market adjustment gradually close to the bottom, most of the risks on the market has been effectively released, this adjustment is only for their own recovery Hualin securities one of the two financial business flexibility strategy. The personage suggests, although the investment risk on the market is in controllable range at present, but still need to keep vigilance to risk at all times. It is understood that since the beginning of last 6 months, the number of firms have been gradually relaxed financial services index standard, including some of the original standard out of the stock re transferred, or the rate is adjusted to zero can be used to offset margin securities again to give certain discount rate as well as the starting concentration of both financial and management measures on the part of translation. Subsequently, when A shares gradually stabilized in November last year, a number of brokerage firms have also made adjustments to the two financial services in this period. Industry experts said that with the frequent adjustment of A stock market and the continuous decline in two financial balance, some stocks have dropped out of the investment value better, if still follow open standards for the two financial brokerage business, the future can be expected part of the stock financing balance may gradually rise. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

两融余额8个月跌超六成 少数券商放松业务指标 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   少数券商实施弹性策略放松业务指标   ■本报见习记者 杜雨萌   A股市场在经历去年6月中旬的异常波动后,两融市场也开启了去杠杆的进程。经过长达8个月的调整之后,两融余额已从去年6月18日2.27万亿元的最高值降至目前的0.88万亿元,下跌幅度达到61.23%。   两融余额持续下跌也在考验着券商的业绩。华林证券于近日为两融业务先行松绑。据了解,华林证券已经修改了交易系统中的多个两融交易参数,并完成了测试。具体来看,华林证券将批量调整担保证券折算率和标的证券名单,调整后股票类证券的平均折算率将从37.7%上升到50.7%,融资标的数量从757只增加到903只。   同时,华林证券还将原来信用账户集中度管理中采取的四档分级控制措施调整为三档,分别为担保比例低于180%的客户,最大持仓比例为30%;担保比例高于180%(含)但低于240%的客户,最大持仓比例为60%;担保比例高于240%(含)的客户,最大持仓比例为100%。   对于华林证券此次放松两融业务多项指标,一位不愿透露姓名的财经人士在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,随着A股市场近期调整逐渐接近底部,市场上的大部分风险已在得到有效释放,此番调整也仅仅是华林证券就自身情况进行的一次两融业务弹性策略恢复。该人士建议,虽然目前市场上的投资风险处在可控范围内,但仍需时刻保持对于风险的警惕意识。   据了解,自去年6月份开始,多家券商已经陆续放宽两融业务指标标准,包括将一些原本调出标的个股重新调入,或对部分折算率调为零的可充抵保证金证券重新给予一定的折算率以及启动两融集中度管理等措施。随后,在A股于去年11月份逐渐企稳之时,多家券商又于该时期相继对两融业务做出了调整。   业内专家表示,随着A股市场的频繁调整以及两融余额的连续下跌,部分个股已经跌出了较好地投资价值,若后续仍有券商为两融业务放开标准,未来可以预期部分个股的融资余额或许会逐渐回升。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: