Uber CEO in the short term can not replace the driver of the car driver bloxorz

Uber CEO: in the short term automatic driving cars can not replace the human driver with the autopilot of the gradual hot, some of the autopilot can replace the human driver’s remarks are more and more. However, the recent Uber CEO Kalanick Travis but these remarks poured a pot of cold water. A conference held in San Francisco, he said, since the birth of self driving cars, many economists worry that they are afraid of self driving cars will take millions of jobs. However, Travis Kalanick believes that the autopilot can not be replaced in a short time the driver of the human driver, economists worry is completely redundant. In August this year, Uber acquired the autopilot Truck Company Otto and reached an alliance with Volvo, followed by Otto’s automated truck on the highway in the United States on the road test. For the operation of the truck driver, Travis Kalanick also explained at the meeting. He believes that in the short term, the truck will not automatically start the operation of the official. In addition, the driving environment of the truck will also have a lot of limitations, such as only on certain roads. In the future, even if the automatic driving truck can go on the road, may also need to be equipped with a human driver in the side. Today, there are still no perfect solutions in the area of responsibility division, logistical support and market supervision. Therefore, the distance from the automatic driving car is still a long way to go. At this stage, Uber has been in Pittsburgh, the United States began the test of automatic driving car. In addition, Uber also recruited a large number of robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon University, and set up a research and development center. Travis Kalanick personally confirmed at the meeting, Uber map data collection vehicles have also started working on the road in San Francisco. Talking about the Uber business model, Travis Kalanick said, the next 10 to 15 years, Uber is likely to adopt a mixed fleet operating mode. This also means that the car will automatically drive with the traditional human driving the composition of Uber’s operating fleet.相关的主题文章: