Vice mayor of Anhui City, Fuyang Liang alleged serious violation of the organization to accept the i-wh60a

Anhui Fuyang City Vice Mayor Liang Dong alleged serious violation of the receiving organization investigation Beijing News: according to the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy mayor of Anhui province Fuyang municipal government Liang Dong alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Liang Dong resume 1982.09 – the 1984.07 Anqing Aggie plant protection major; 1984.07 – 1989.10 Soybean Research Institute of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences staff (of which: 1986.09-1989.07 Anhui Agricultural College of Agronomy; 1989.10 – 1993.11 correspondence study) Mengcheng County United Front Work Department staff (during the period: 1990.01-1991.03 send Wu Wei Xiang exercise; 1991.03-1993.11 attachment to any Xiaojian district (town) side district (town) long); Xiao Jian Zhen 1993.11 – 1996.01 Mengcheng County Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, the mayor (during the period: 1993.08-1995.12 administered by the Central Party school correspondence study); Xiao Jian Zhen 1996.01 – 1997.03 Mengcheng County deputy county Party secretary; Party members, Assistant 1997.031997.12 magistrate of Mengcheng county government; 1997.122004.04 Mengcheng county Party members, deputy magistrate 2004.042006.04; deputy mayor of Mengcheng County Committee, 2006.042007.02 Lee; Deputy Secretary of the County Xin county government, on behalf of the county; 2007.02 – 2009.04 Lixin County Deputy Secretary of the county (during the period: 2005.09-2008.07 at the Central Party school graduate department of economic management professional learning); director of the 2009.04 – 2015.02 Lixin county Party Secretary, the NPC Standing Committee; 2015.02 – 2015.03 Fuyang municipal government party members, vice mayor of Fuyang municipal government has 2015.03 candidates; Party members, deputy mayor. (from Fuyang China portal)相关的主题文章: