Wang, the mainland dropped out of crisis attendance is suspected of low military detention rainlendar

The king, in the school crisis low attendance was suspected of hiding military service Wang Dalu Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Wang [micro-blog] with "my girlhood" successfully turned red, after more than 1 years at least 4 movies, but it seems that because of busy work, students said he rarely go to school, he suspected is to avoid military service, they even helped him to design a "exclusive course", is the dean of Chinese has warned because failed 2 times, if the attendance rate is too low, will be dropped out of school to a crisis. The 25 year old Wang, currently studying Daojiang technology and Management Institute, 2015 from the school’s Department of communication to read from the Performing Arts Department, and a read, excellent performing results that he won the "student special performance award", according to media reports, the day of the awards he led from the president to leave the hands of the lottery it took only 5 minutes, although there are a lot of girls screaming, "but if he often come to class, you will see him so excited?" In addition, the school also helped him exclusively design courses, one of the lessons, students will not obviously spend the same full tuition, why does he have special treatment. In this regard, the Department of performing arts department director Jiang Zu said; Wang, because the past read the School Department of communication, so some common subjects have been repaired, plus a large Performing Arts Department credits much, he stressed that because online actors, so some subjects can rely on performance to take credit, so it is possible the students do not understand the cause of misunderstanding, also remind him second to repair more credits, but also pay attention to attendance to avoid being "32 drop", will know more about the outside world pay special attention to these things, grades are due to a capital can’t say too much. In addition, his agent said the king, every time back to Taiwan will come to school remedial courses although there are concentrated, but the examination in accordance with the procedures, and to seriously study, and stressed that "he will be very self love". (ETToday) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: