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Wealth-Building Wealth management services are provided by independent financial advisers or large corporate entities whos primarily goal is focused on high net worth individuals (HNWI). This activity ensures a long lasting association between the organization and the customer involved. These customers fill in the bracket of mass affluent or upper retail client, because of their net worth; the number of investment instruments that they opt to invest upon, their assets (insurance, mutual fund, stocks, bond etc etc) under management. Large financial and brokerage institute create separate sales forces, services and other ‘benefits’ to retain or attract these customers who are typically more profitable than other retail banking, brokerage, or insurance customers. This helps banks capitalize on their customer base to create additional revenue streams, by offering HNWI and the mass affluent extended products and services. Wealth management services .plements the existing expertise of CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and leverages the financial knowledge & information about clients’ lives that they already posses. All in all it is a winner and all the bankers associated with investment banking benefit a lot through it. Typically a Wealth Management Team from any major financial Institute consists of financial advisers who are categorized into three major divisions; a) The Product Specialists, b) The Investment Generalists & c) The Wealth Managers. The Product Specialists are financial advisers who focus on products such as managed accounts, stocks or fixed-in.e alternatives. This group corresponds to CPAs who offer only traditional accounting services. The Investment Generalists are financial advisers providing a wide range of investment products, but lack .prehensive financial planning orientation. Wealth managers make a detailed insight into the financial lives of their clients that enables them to .e out with integrated solutions. It also offers the wealth manager the opportunity to cross-sell a wide range of products and services to each client as appropriate. When a customer has a whole lot of accumulated wealth that could be used for certain gains for the customer as well as for the organization, the bank offers him/her various investment instruments/modules and appoints investment advisers to help him make decisions. These investment modules could start of from mere schemes like deposits that the bank itself offers to investing in insurance, mutual funds and general stocks and bonds to provide long term capital gain and growth. Through sophisticated analytics, relevant financial planning and asset allocation tools financial institutes derive rich integrated insights about the HNWI clients investment portfolio, thereby providing them the opportunity to borrow an amount (leverage) from the client, by offering him investment modules and then cross investing this amount in a manner that would ensure that by the end of the tenure of investment both the client and the organization profits a lot. Every financial operation is processed identically. Every major transaction has a successful update or a banking statement to act as a testimony in case of technical deficiencies. Wealth management solutions/services is a fully integrated and .ponent-based solution that guarantees consistency of data throughout. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: