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Home-Improvement Besides financial losses, water leak causes wastage of the most important element of our planet i.e. water. It can result in low water pressure which can be cause damage to the devices like washing machines etc. Apart from causing damage it can be very irritating and annoying. Water leaks are a severe trouble. Water leaks can occur anywhere. It can be your home or leaks in the underground water systems or even the main water pipelines. Now leaks caused inside your home can damage your house by different means such as molding or swelling your floors, walls or areas under the sink. Leaks caused in the underground water system can be very threatening. They run by your city and so can cause a huge income loss to the government. Water leaks inside your home can be easily located through dripping noises, monthly water bills, or water accumulation but underground leaks can be very risky. There are different types of water leak detection methods that can be used to rectify the problem. Some of them are as follows: 1.Radar Detection 2.Geophones Radar Detection Method is particularly of use in outside atmosphere. Radar Detection correctly locates the leak point. It then gives information about the size of the leak. The basic mechanism how it actually detects leak is as follows- It makes use of radar waves that can move through most materials. Some parts of the wave after striking the material come back again. A device in the radar detection system receives it. It then calculates its return time and strength. By this means it determines the material that the wave hit. Every leak whether big or small, makes some noise. When noise is found, leaks can be easily detected. A small leak frequently makes a lot of noise within a high pressure pipe. Sometimes that is audible even with open ears. On the other hand larger leaks are rather hard to detect. Even if we use this method then also it will be hard to locate such leaks because water can dispense much easily through a large leak without making much noise. They are similar to a stethoscope. They support in listening to the ground to determine the exact location of the leak and hence can be repaired. Geophones catch and increase sound thereby identifying the leak by simply listening to the ground. All these water leak detection methods are performed by professionals working in several different areas of work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: