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What are the seven kinds of support in Buddhism? What are the seven? Legal support (Figure): economic group of good men! Among all the support, the law provides the most. The Buddha is a good Futian of all beings. The three asankhya robbery, Fu Hui of the people, the cumulative, the achievement of wisdom is boundless blessings, and even in the pores are better than all the world, and the merit and the sum, Savaka, Yuanjue chakravartin of merit. So if we can "happy Buddhas", can "easy", and not just the matter on property to support the Buddha, the most extraordinary is the correct practice is "music for Buddha": the support, the support method. You do not think that with so much, so good things to support Buddha, Buddha is the best support. No, it isn’t! The best support for the Buddha is the respect and promotion of the Buddha, not the material. That is to say, "follow the practice of teaching and practicing according to law" is the best support for the buddha. "For the goods" which lists for seven methods: (1) as support: according to practice the Buddha declared that all sorts of Dharma practice, namely Buddhist circulation often appear "divided yijiaofenghang", or "be adopted". (2) the interests of sentient beings to support: what is beneficial to all sentient beings, we should actively practice. It is difficult to see others, take the initiative to give relief, help, so far away from the pain, access to happiness, which is to support the Buddha’s practice. Because the Buddha is for the benefit of all sentient beings in the world, we can benefit all sentient beings, that is, in order to share the responsibility of Buddha Buddha, Buddha is the best support. (3) by the living beings to support: many people have a misunderstanding of the Dharma, if the introduction of Buddhism directly to them, it is possible to have rejection, which need to be taken by them. In the four photo of Dharma practice, are giving, love language, interest, colleagues. Give, see others have physical or spiritual needs, and actively help, for the. Love language, is based on the gentle heart of love, to the real, altruistic language is a joy. Profit, that all acts are beneficial to others, will not cause any harm to it. Colleagues, the same identity with the public to participate in the meantime, to produce a sense of identity. If you can press four photo method will act, and all the many friends. When we accept each other from the heart, to understand our intentions, and we as they declared to good teachers and helpful friends, Dharma, can be accepted, but there is not so much a mental disorder. (4) generation of bitter support: compassion to all sentient beings and their spirit, will be regarded as a whole. Most of the time, we are unable to help others, but because of his self, so that we can not feel the suffering of others, naturally will not actively help people solve the problem solving. When we are ill, we will try our best to cure. When others dying, we will be so urgent? Also willing to pour himself to help him? Are you willing to bear the burden of disease? If we can always put yourself in others, every little bit hard to do, since he can gradually resolve respectively, and gradually all together. Then, you can really feel the suffering of the people, feel the pain of cutting one’s body, and not only in words. (5) the maintenance of good roots and roots: that is usually referred to as the "universal good""..相关的主题文章: