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Internet-Marketing It is a fact that most companies have a blog. Who had that dusty old institutional site has now optimized and modernized in the Web 2.0 style. And those who dont have blog, theyd better decide to create one. And here are the reasons why it is necessary that all companies have their own channel by which they transmit their news to the community. The business blog provides indispensable information for the whole community to get in touch with companys reality-customers, employees and future employees, suppliers and any entity that potentially or actually relates to the company. It is a direct way to express and demonstrate values that make this company stand out above their competitors. This is a unique opportunity to show consumers why they should choose this company, not the competitors. Being well developed, the company blog can become a channel of premium news, announcements and other relevant pieces of information. Blogs of many firms are taken as a daily source of news for media, since they represent the official companys word. This is the reason why a blog is an excellent tool to control damage to reputation. If the company or brand is being attacked by negative comments, either by press, dissatisfied users or ex employees who feel aggrieved, it is a good idea to have a channel leading community to points of view or clarifications communicated by the company that has been attacked. Use your right to reply from your own site, not from other pages where your comments can be edited and might give them a negative turn. Users investigate before making a purchase. They make comparisons not only on relative prices but also on added values that a product may have as a guarantee and after sales support. Then it is quite possible that the company blog is one of the first places to be used when gathering information, especially when it is a significant purchase or it is required to make a decision to seek for a supplier for a specific service. Accordingly, the company blog is the place by excellence where to reinforce positive brand perception. Social networks should complement companys blog and not try to replace it because functions that carry out either channel are very different. Tweets and entries on Facebook come and go. But blogs remain, becoming a permanent source for users interested in obtaining information. If your company aims also to head-hunt the best workers, more efficient labor and better prepared staff, then the companys blog is undoubtedly an excellent way to convey that it is a privilege to work there. It is an ideal loyalty channel of current employees and of creation of positive perception by future workers. Information is power. And to voluntarily give up power source as company blog doesnt seem to be a very healthy idea. We need to create the habit of periodically checking the blog to get the latest news, views and vision of a company. Surely your company has a lot of valuable data and facts to highlight. And the best place to do it is from home companys blog. About the Author: Andrea Picaso is an expert in Premium Quality Web Content. Creation, Management and Viralization of quality web contents. Social Media Management. Networking. Building of Online Reputation. Damage Control. Strategic Communication. Organic and Semantic SEO, SEM. SMM. SMO http://english.contenidos-de-calidad.com Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Internet-Marketing 相关的主题文章: