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Hardware The original brand Epson T1291 black ink cartridge can retail for as much as 10 online or cost even more if you buy it in the high street. It would seem utter madness to spend that sort of money on an ink cartridge when you buy a perfectly good .patible version of the cartridge for 1 online yes, thats 1 (when bought as part of a 20 cartridge pack). If the price is so low does that mean there is something wrong with the cartridge? Well now, the proof is in the pudding and if you are offered a money-back guarantee with the cartridge what have you go to lose? The T1291 ink cartridge is one of four ink cartridges that work alongside each other in the particular range of printers, the other colours being cyan, magenta and yellow. The pack of four cartridges is known as the T1295, and again, can be bought for as little as 1 when bought a part of a 20 cartridge multipack. Epson T1295 ink work in each of the following Epson Stylus Office series printers: BX305F, BX305FW, BX305FW Plus, B42WD, BX320FW, BX535WD and many more. With so many Epson printers using the T1291 ink cartridge its no wonder that the original purchase price of the printer was good value. Its thought that the clever marketing tactic by Epson was to pitch the printer at a low price and then recoup some of its profits by the sale of the original brand Epson printer ink. Of course, the real clever bit can be on the part of the buyer if they buy the printer at a knock-down price and run it on the .patible ink cartridges for 1 each! The print quality of the .patible ink cartridge is fine for everyday printing with virtually no difference in the print quality. In fairness, the only difference would be if you were intending to print photo quality prints, and them to remain without any fading for years to .e. If this is the case then its fair to say you would be better with the originals but for everything else .patibles are fine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: