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Reference-and-Education Summer training is believed to be the career deciding factor for b.tech, mca and other professional students, as it helps students in shaping up a great professional career ahead. The main purpose of summer training programs is to make students ready for the industrial and corporate environment. Summer training is the only opportunity which provides students exposure to update their technical skills, attainments to the best of their capabilities in the corporate environment. Before the summer training programs were introduced in the curriculum of most of the professional courses like b.tech, mca and other, students use to find it tough to adjust them in the corporate world just after the .pletion of their degree. The reason behind this unusual condition was that students were never had been to the corporate world before their joining. As the environment in the engineering colleges is .pletely different from the environment in the corporate sector. Corporate sector is all about professionalism and deadly technical skills, whereas college life is all about having fun and living a break free life. This wide difference between corporate and college lives makes students feel un.fortable in adjusting themselves in the corporate sector for a long time period. Unfortunately, most of the .panies started .plaining about lack of professionalism of the engineering students and find them not suitable for the corporate sector. As a result top universities and colleges from all around he nation decided to make summer training a .pulsory part of the technical courses, especially b.tech , mca and other. The summer training programs are designed in such a way that students can learn corporate level technical attainment along with the damn professionalism. Because during summer training, students have to assist well experienced professionals on their live projects which are to be delivered within a certain deadline. And students are not left with any other option rather then following the guidelines given by their seniors.And for working on those live client project students must have strong technical attainment, as it is very tough to work and execute these projects successfully without solid technical knowledge. The two months of summer training programs teaches all those things which are required for working in the corporate sector i.e. professionalism and solid technical knowledge which students don’t learn throughout their four years of engineering life. Because nobody takes pain to teach professinalism to the students in the colleges, the major emphasis is laid on class room teaching and semester examination. To choose a good training .pany or organization is another important factor for a good summer training experience. Students can only gain quality professional and technical skills only in a standard I.T or any other core .pany which also provide training programs. There is a huge difference between training institutions and training .panies. Only leading training .panies provides class corporate training programs because these .panies also deals in software development and provides multiple services other then training. These .panies knows the corporate culture and client handling. Moreover these .panies use updated tools and technical skills for their software development. So students can easily learn the latest technological updates easily in these training .panies and professionalism too. Whereas training institutions uses old methologies of training which are not at all upto date and don’t help students to upgrade their skills. Noida is the favourite destination of students for their summer training programs as the number of I.T and other core .panies are much as .pared to any other region of northern India. Leading training .panies in noida are providing live project summer training for b.tech and mca students and have very few seat for these internship programs. Usually these training programs start from may. In most the cases interested students enroll them in advance for these training because by the time month of may .es, most the seat are booked and students finds it tough to get a seat in a quality training .pany. Summer training 2012 is approacning..!!Hurry up..!!Get yourself a seat in a standard training .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: