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UnCategorized If you are an Australian company looking to hire someone to build an app for your business, you have two choices – you can hire a local company in Australia, or you can use a freelance service like Elance to hire an overseas developer. What is the difference, and which choice will be right for your company? The crucial differences come down to price and quality. For many reasons, including foreign economic situations, you will be able to pay less money if you hire an overseas developer. Some will develop an app for as little as $50. That may sound like a great deal, but you tend to get what you pay for. Overseas developers generally do not deliver the same level of quality, reliability or customer service as local Australian developers like Appster. In fact, hiring an overseas developer can be a very risky endeavor for your company. Most companies want developers to sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. That makes sense, because you don’t want the developer to tell your competition what your business plans are – and you don’t want them developing apps that will directly compete with your marketing efforts. The problem is that if you hire an overseas developer, there is nearly no way to enforce a NDA or a non-compete agreement. Therefore, you may end up helping your competition and torpedoing your sales initiatives. Another risk is that because of their low prices, overseas developers often take on more projects than they can realistically handle. To get all this work done they hire cowboy coders, who create barely functioning apps that you can’t update down the line. They don’t have time to beta test or debug the apps. There is no way to hold them accountable for their work. They may deliver it well past their stated deadline. There may be problems in the app that they are unable to fix. Your app could end up hurting your branding efforts and damaging your company image. After spending time and money to get them to develop the app, you may have to start over from scratch. Hiring a local Australian company is different. You can make sure they honour their contracts and agreements with you. They may cost more, but they will be more committed to hitting deadlines and giving you exactly the app you want – without glitches or bugs. Yes, they will charge more than an overseas developer, but you will have a functional app delivered on time that will help your brand image while also generating revenue for your organization. About the Author: Visit Appster at .Appster…au 相关的主题文章: