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Who is the letter? Zou Shiming’s gold belt questioned the low gold Zou Shiming Zou Shiming [micro-blog] just won the WBO flyweight champion gold belt, was questioned by a media reporter, said Zou Shiming’s gold belt gold content is low, and that the belt outside excessive speculation Zou Shiming won the promotion, is not conducive to the sport of boxing. According to Zou Shiming’s question, there have already, Zou Shiming said, must use the fist (score) not let boxing people to shut up. This time, Zou Shiming won the gold belt, or questioned. So what is the value of Zou Shiming’s golden belt? Appearance fee of only $5000, a media reporter wrote an argument for three reasons to prove Zou Shiming gold belt gold enough. The game is a low grade, all the occupation boxing match, there will be third party according to the opponents, to match the grade. Zou Shiming and Kun than seven of this tournament, only two stars. But this game is just another boxing match the undercard, Pacquiao in the game, was named the five star. Two Zou Shiming and opponents are not high ranking. Before the game, Zou Shiming ranked fifty-fourth in the world, Kun is the fifty-seventh than the seven. Three is low appearance fees. Zou Shiming and his opponent’s appearance fee is only $5000, while the other level of competition to participate in the tournament, the appearance fee of up to $4 million. In addition, the reporter also exposed some shaking insider, for example, Zou Shiming’s PR team interference media reports, once they think is not conducive to Zou Shiming’s negative reports on intervention, the order to delete the relevant text, and evaluation of some guests also pointing. In this paper, the only good news, not bad behavior aroused resentment, and even some of the guests will no longer serve as Zou Shiming game commentary advisers. It is not difficult to see, the reporter questioned the gold belt was on Zou Shiming, mixed with Zou Shiming before he scores as well as its public relations team. In a word, it is not a day for two days of dissatisfaction with Zou Shiming. Two "Zou Shiming", the letter who? After Zou Shiming’s gold belt was questioned, there were two images of Zou Shiming. One is positive, is a champion of the Olympic Games, world championships, Asian Games champion and champion gold belt in a body, the boxing career Grand Slam Zou Shiming; another one is not so positive, is in after retirement, to the occupation boxing for several years, failed to convince the people of the record, not to win a gold belt has also been questioned by Zou Shiming. In fact, the two Zou Ming are need to be adjusted, will let us see a real Zou Shiming. As Zou Shiming side, there is no reason to interfere with the evaluation of the outside world. Zou Shiming turned occupation boxing, with certain commercial purposes, this will make Zou Shiming more concerned about their public image than in the past, the natural business team with special attention to maintaining the image of Zou Shiming, this no ground for blame. But to maintain the image is not equal to Zou Shiming can only say good words, but not in order to create a good image, deliberately concealing the truth, to do so, the audience is not responsible, the promotion of occupation boxing is no benefit. As quality相关的主题文章: