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Finance There are specific reasons to consider a home mortgage refinance loan. The most powerful reason among them is the requirement to cut down monthly payments, by opting for a lower interest loan. If you get a new APR lower by at least two points, or by 0.5 %, you can opt for a home mortgage refinance loan. Refinancing is not a free of cost affair, it involves expenses like home re-appraisal, attorney fees, and loan application fees all can add up to $ 500 or $ 750. Then again, this amount is considerably lower when .pared to the hundreds of dollars you save every month for ten to twenty years. Another reason can be moving into the security of fixed rate loans, especially when you sense that the there are chances for your adjustable mortgage rate go up in the near future, say less than a year. This is a good pre-emptive move, to stay afloat in changing financial conditions. Other, less convincing, reason for home mortgage refinance loan is home improvement or for buying a new lifestyle product available in the market. If adding ambience to your life is the only requirement of home mortgage refinance, you are more likely to be at the losers end. The present interest rates to which you are changing can be higher than your original rate. Giving your home equity as collateral can also be necessitated by conditions like education of your children or other unavoidable circumstances. At such times, getting your equity on your home will be the best move to getting low price loan. A good move in refinancing home mortgage will be consult a lender other than your existing loan provider, or at least suggest your lender you consider refinancing your mortgage. Since you are an existing customer, chances are higher that your refinance application goes to the back burner. However, with a switch in lender, you can get faster processing of refinance mortgage application. Then again, you may get a lower interest loan from your current financier. The point here is that you have more options. If you have been consistent in timely payment of your monthly due, the existing lender may overlook another credit check and reappraisal of your home, property. Copyright 2006 Joel Teo. All rights reserved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: