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Business A bank identification number is the first six digits of a credit card number. There are databases online that are used to check the bank identification number or BIN. A bank identification numbers database is used to .bat credit fraud and credit card theft. There has been an increase in credit card theft and fraud over the past few years. It is a serious problem that is costing retailers millions and millions of dollars each year. This is not just happening at home but it is a worldwide problem. A bank identification numbers database is available online. It is used by businesses around the world. When a credit card is stolen or used fraudulently and the owner of a credit card calls the credit card .pany to dispute the charge, a chargeback is processed. Chargebacks are good for the consumer but not for the business. When a chargeback is processed, the credit .pany goes after the business that sold the goods. It is up to the business owner to dispute the chargeback, which could end up resulting in lawyer fees and time missed from work to deal with it. If it is a clear case of credit card fraud, it is the business that suffers because credit card .panies will side with the customer in these cases. That being said, it is vital that a business owner does whatever he can to .bat credit card fraud. Having a bank identification numbers database list is definitely one way to do this. The best way to .bat credit card fraud is to deal with it at the source, which would be the point of sale. A business owner would want to make sure that all his employees who process credit card transactions are checking credit card numbers against a bank identification numbers database. A bank identification number database can be in the form of a bank identification numbers excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet could be pulled up on the .puter screen by employees before they start to work and it will be right there ready for them to use. It will only take them seconds to quickly check the bin numbers of the credit cards they are processing. It can be done discretely so as not to alert a customer. If anything seems out of the ordinary, an employee should be thoroughly trained in how to deal with approaching a customer that tries to pass a fraudulent credit card. It could be a potentially dangerous situation for an untrained employee, especially one working with the public. It is much simpler to deal with a customer on the inter. because you can simply tell them you cannot accept their credit card but dealing with someone in person, is a little different because it could cause a confrontation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: