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Entrepreneurialism You should be a Christian entrepreneur. Did you ever wonder why some Christian is poor and some rich? We also see non-Christian rich and poor. Why is that? I conclude that religion obviously does not determine your wealth status. Then what determines your poor or rich condition? I believe each person largely contributes to his or her condition. You can elect to be stay the way you are, stay in the same job. Or you can elect to get out of where you are and work towards be.ing better with your wealth and riches, regardless of whether you are a Christian or not. I take it that you are a Christian if you are reading this blog. I demand that you study the book of proverbs and take notes about poor and rich. Take note that laziness is what determines your condition. To be a Christian entrepreneur takes effort and time. Many are lazy in sticking to a job because doing business is difficult and may demand more effort, time, and money. Therefore, they give up and try other gimmicks like giving to TV prosperity teachers. They demand that you give to them in order to prosper. Their teaching is not sound. It encourages laziness and lack of initiative on your part. Giving to ministries and churches does not guarantee any in.e if you are lazy. Do not get me wrong, I do encourage people to give to God. You should never give as a means to get wealthy. Give to God as a token of your thankfulness and helping the poor. You are steward of your money so be generous to the needy. As a Christian entrepreneur, you can help so many. In order to fulfill the biblical mandate to be fruitful and multiply, we have to be more than an employee. We should strive to start a business as part time to start with. Do not waste your time going to church all days of the week. Sunday is good enough. Other days work hard and achieve for you wealth and riches. The reason you should be.e a Christian entrepreneur is not just for wealth. It is what God has promised to us. The Lord God gives you the power to get wealth. You have to get it. God wants you to be a blessing to others. You have to help with your riches others in need. God blesses you through your efforts and you flow that blessing to others in need. Remember you cannot be a blessing to others if you are poor. You will always be begging from others and be in debt all the days of your life. That is not Gods will for you. Be.e a Christian entrepreneur and be a blessing. About the Author: By: create global future – .passionate capitalism is the synthesis of the ideals of .munism where the correct distribution of wealth was intended but under the principles of work, taking opportunities and fair economic reward. By: Ursula Jorch – Having your own business is one big adventure. Make the most of it by intentionally inviting opportunities to go on a new adventure. By: Scott Assemakis – As Scott Assemakis says, daily habits are an essential part of an entrepreneurs life one that can make the difference between success and failure. As a self-employed person you have to be able to motivate yourself, since there will be no one … By: Oleg Tchechel – Fiberglass ventilators and blowers offer optimal aerodynamic design of fan impellers to provide higher efficiency for any specific application. By: Steve – In a press release from earlier this year, Gartner had predicted that by the year 2018 mobile devices would account for initiating 5% of consumer services cases, registering a marginal rise of 0.02% from 2014. By: Ursula Jorch – I’m always surprised when I hear the advice, don’t take business personally. It’s ‘just a business decision’. My response? Horseradish! Okay, I’d prefer to use another term here, but I’m keeping it clean! After years of working in an impersonal cor … By: dunitzsantrino – The GCC countries have their own set of defined rules that need to be strictly followed while thinking of setting up any business, In the case of Abu Dhabi business set up, the leading consultants enumerate systematic planning, coordination and abi … By: Biztech Consultancy – Not every employee can adjust and perform remarkably well in the .pany culture. The bitter reality is every huge .pany has best employees along with the underperforming employees. By: Sarah – Everybody wants top get rich without leaving the house but is is actually possible? Yes! it is read on to find out how…… By: Albert – Most easiest ways to make money from home. Making money online is a reality and it is possible to make money from home. 相关的主题文章: