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UnCategorized Mention Thailand to five different people and you will get five different impressions and reactions – while one remembers a shopping mecca and another recalls wild and crazy nights at go-go bars, another will tell you about the friendliest locals of any country they’ve visited, and a fourth will tell you about the relaxing temples and massages they had there. Then an entire dedicated group of Thai enthusiasts will let you know about the stunning beaches, amazing fresh air, beautiful green mountains and the colourful wildlife. It is the wild and natural side of Thai holidays we are looking at, including the most peaceful and untouched areas, and Thailand ac.modation and Thailand villas for rent that celebrate the natural world, rather than trying to shut it out. Bangkok is the first port of call for shoppers, night-lifers and even temple enthusiasts, but nature lovers will be looking to book Phuket villas for rent and beach villas in Phuket for an amazingly wild experience. Phuket is home to one of the last pieces of virgin rainforest in Thailand, the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Park, a spot for up-close and personal encounters with langurs, macaques and porcupines which are fast be.ing extinct throughout their home ranges, due to the activity of man. Don’t leave your hiking shoes in your Phuket beach villa – you’ll want to explore the flowering forest first hand. For those who love the alternate universe under the sea, Phuket also has plenty of attractions to tempt you away from your Thailand villa for rent. Surin, Patong and Nai Yan beaches all offer great scuba diving opportunities, with depths between 30 and 45 meters in some areas. You can also leave your baggage behind in the security of your Phuket villa for rent, and take a day trip to one of the neighbouring islands. You won’t want to be cloistered away from the natural world in your Thailand ac.modation if you are there to appreciate nature – the Thailand villa for rent Rising Sun residence is set 70m above sea level in the Chalong area of Phuket, and offers luxury, privacy, great prices and natural surroundings. You can step from the front door of your Phuket villa into the large .munal pool, while looking out onto Chalong Bay’s pristine clear water. If you are .ing to help introduce your family or friends to Thailand’s natural wonders, try a Phuket villa for rent like Baan Emikami. Greenery is all that can be seen from eye level at every side of this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa. Perfect for groups of three couples, or even an older family, the villa in Phuket has a fully equipped Western style kitchen and a maid service, giving you the freedom and convenience without the hassle of cleaning it all up! Baan Emikami villa for rent in Phuket is set on a promontory with views over the g.eous Kata Noi bay, as well as easy access to Kata village for supplies and boutique shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: