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Wine-Spirits Wisconsin is a US state which is situated in the north-central part of United States. According to the statistics it is the 23rd state by area and 20th by population in US. Alcohol consumption has been a vital part of Wisconsin culture and the state and it has a long history of making wine, with some of the worlds most famous vineyards and wine producers situated in the region. It is also believed that the beginning of American wine industry was from this very state of Wisconsin. It all began in the 1840s, when a Hungarian immigrant named Agoston Haraszthy established wine cellars, winery and vineyard near the Wisconsin River, which is now called as the Wollersheim Winery. He then went ahead and developed some more wineries in the region, resulting in the development of winery industry here. Though, the climatic condition in Wisconsin is not very favorable for growing grapes, cultivators with their experience and skills have developed to cultivate the grapes, which are favorable to the climatic conditions in the region. Some of the Red Wines of Wisconsin- Carignan: One of the most famous wine of Wisconsin, it is a dark dry, red wine with a mouthful taste of cherry and nutmeg to further enhance its appeal. Praire Sunburst: It has a powerful taste with accents of oak, fruits and raspberries. Domain Reserve: One of the oldest wines available, it has a soft spicy taste sprinkled with smooth berry flavors and other fruits. Pinot Noir: One of the most-preferred red wine of wine lovers, it has aroma of eucalyptus, bay leaves and black currant. Sangiovese: It is a medium-bodied wine with a .plex taste of cherry, plum and apple-like flavors. White Wines of Wisconsin- Chardonnay: Undoubtedly the most famous wine throughout the world, it is a full-bodied wine with high presence of spice and bay leave aroma. Praire Fume: One of the specialties of Wisconsin, Praire fume is a semi-dry white wine with crisp aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. River Gold: A medium-bodies wine with slight hints of pears and mangoes to .plement its light acidic taste. Dry Riesling: It is a near-dry white wine with gentle aroma of basil and a hint of green apple. White Riesling: A full-bodied wine with slight floral accents topped with apricots and peaches. Season Presentations- Sparkling Grape Juice: This alcohol-free grape juice is one of the specialties of Wisconsin. It is pure white in color and has no sugar added to it. Ice Wine: Made from estate-grown frozen grapes, this white wine has 16% residual sweetness and is only available in particular seasons. Ruby Nouveau: An estate-grown red wine, it has fruity dry-red color and is prepared by using Beaujolias method, which has been used from hundreds of years. Eagle White: A semi-dry white wine, it has a slight accent of pear and apricot with a mouthful taste of fresh fruits and oaks. Port Wine: A classic after-dinner wine, it is made with traditional methods using the Foch grapes to maintain the same classy taste. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: