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With a 4 inch display millet Small spy photos exposure [IT168] – Sohu digital information will be released on September 27th although millet millet 5S no suspense what basically, but there are those who are out of sync models debut a new argument. The day before, according to the users in the micro-blog mouth "die" broke the news, millet released two "S" series of products in the fall of September 27th, a new conference, is definitely the millet 5S, and another "S" is a film called millet Small 4 inches of the small screen mobile phone. The 4 inch screen or push the new machine according to the users in micro-blog’s mouth so that in September 27th # millet 2016 new fall conference # will release two "S" series of products, one is definitely the millet 5S, another "S" is a film called millet Small 4 inch small screen mobile phone, awesome. However, in addition to mobile phone name and 4 inch screen size, so the mouth @ did not disclose this new machine more specific information. Although the authenticity of these messages have not been confirmed, but in Post Bar users have already released a mysterious new spy millet machine, really looks small, Home key has long, but also did not disclose any information related to the configuration and function. But even if there is a black battery technology, spy photos exposure, also does not mean that this so-called millet Small will be officially released in September 27th. Because according to the previous exposure of millet internal new display schedule shows that the upcoming millet and millet 5S 5S Plus. At the same time according to the user @WandT information technology in micro-blog’s latest revelations, millet S series is the use of ultra high density battery, so it is called black technology polymer battery, may be expected to have in life will bring more outstanding performance. Of course, if the millet Small also belong to the super S series, then it should be equipped with such a high-density battery. In addition, there are users on micro-blog leaked millet 5S rendering and related features. Among them, the more striking place is the phone’s Home key seems to use a circular design, but whether the virtual key operating mode and the integration of the ultrasonic fingerprint identification function, there is no exact information. In addition, this millet 5S also seems to use a dual camera design, the back is the use of 3D curved glass, side of the black metal frame, the body weight is only 129 grams. Equipped with 821 Xiaolong as far as the main configuration of the machine, according to the revelations chart shows, millet 5S will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor and dual camera, has hidden ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, with 3D Touch touch technology and full function NFC technology, touch screen was equipped with a 5.2 inches high, provides the standard. And enjoy the three version, the color is white, black and gold. However, the authenticity of the above news may not be high, because the source claimed that millet 5S did not use glass body. At the same time there are users to disclose the appearance of millet 5S little change, but the front panel canceled millet Logo, will.相关的主题文章: