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Wuhan 9 has been officially autumn   nearly 55 years in autumn in Hubei province was about 3 days shorter — Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Wuhan 9 has been officially autumn autumn Wuhan finally! Yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory announced this fall from October 9th onwards. "September Festival, dew gas cold, will be condensed." The dew solar term is a symbol of the cold weather, the weather is cool to cold and marked the transition. This year the dew Festival, our city and our province majority of city has been quietly fall. In meteorology, sliding average temperature stability for 5 consecutive days to 22 DEG C, the first day of the 5 day, is in autumn. This year from the Wuhan meteorological station data, the fall of October 8th. But from the city to a global point of view, should be for the fall of October 9th. Wuhan meteorological observatory data show that the fall of Hubei in the short period of short, an average of 10 days per year to reduce the number of days, which is equivalent to nearly 55 years, Hubei province decreased by about 3 days in autumn. In September 29th this year -10 month 3 days, Wuhan City, the average daily temperature was 5 days less than 22 degrees, but then the three or four temperatures rebound, October 4th, 6 days, 7 days, the daily average temperature to 22 DEG C, the summer are still reluctant to leave. As the beginning of autumn 2016, right and proper, these days the weather is not very good. Yesterday, it rained again in our province. Under the pressure of rain, the highest temperatures around the region are almost 20 degrees celsius. Maybe you think this temperature is not what, the minimum temperature in many places in September is often below 20 DEG C, but at that time, many people are wearing short sleeves, do not feel cold autumn badly? Meteorological experts explained that some time ago appeared below 20 C, just as quick, go down a few hours immediately rose, most of the temperature time is still above 20 degrees and 30 degrees, so we feel in the summer. These days, the temperature drop has been hovering at 20 DEG C, such as the Wuhan rainy day yesterday, plus the temperature hovers at 15 DEG to 17 DEG C, stay home okay, go out in a circle, it felt really some chilly cold. The next three days by the upper trough and low-level shear weak influence, the city will continue the rainy weather, the temperature rose slightly, but the highest temperature is 1 starts, cool deep autumn is coming. Specific forecast: cloudy day today, local short rain, temperature of 16 degrees, 19 degrees, 2, north wind 3 level; tonight to tomorrow daytime cloudy with light rain, air temperature is 17 DEG C, 22 C, 2 / 3 of north wind; tomorrow the day after tomorrow short rain cloudy, temperature 18 degrees, 24 degrees. 2, level 3 northerly winds. (reporter Zhang Ge) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: