Wuhan bus lanes built two years average speed over 20% (video)-97179

Wuhan city bus lanes built two years average speed over 20% Changjiang Daily reporter yesterday from Wuhan City 2016 bus travel awareness week and green travel "campaign launch ceremony was informed that next month 1, municipal government formulated the" Wuhan city bus lane management approach "will be officially implemented. 2014, the city opened the first 9 buses of a total length of 35 km. In May 1st this year, the city’s newly built 30 kilometers of bus lanes are officially put into use, the city’s bus lanes have reached a total of 39 km of a total of 155 km, a total of 120 km. Bus lanes have begun to take shape, the formation of the second ring road bus lane system, the basic framework. By the end of next year, the city will strive to build a total mileage of 400 km bus lane network, covering nearly 50% of the central urban trunk road network. "Wuhan city bus lane management approach" clearly, the bus lane refers to the road in the city roadway specially designated, in a specific time period for buses (including school buses and 19 seats or more bus lanes, the same below). Non bus in a specific period of time may not be in the bus lane. Except emergency vehicles and buses in case of emergency, the bus station and the bus station along the road and 30 meters (to the station bus stop is prohibited other vehicles parked road). City Commission official said, people do not sit by bus travel, comfort, safety and efficiency of the three considerations. At present, the comfort and safety of the public transportation in our city is becoming more and more perfect. Because of the factors such as the urban construction, the public transportation is restricted by the speed, and it is also one of the important reasons for the public to choose the bus trip. The city introduced this approach, the fundamental purpose is to improve the efficiency of bus traffic and urban road use efficiency, reflect and protect public transport priority to the bus speed, enhance the attractiveness of public transport. Wuhan public transport group statistics show that the average speed of the bus in our city during the peak period of 18.16 kilometers per hour, while in the bus lane, bus average speed can reach 22.45 kilometers per hour, the growth rate of 23.6%. This shows that the bus lanes into the network, into the ring, to improve the average speed of the bus has a role in promoting." Link > > > September 22nd, is the annual World Car Free Day, China in 2007 to carry out China’s urban car free day activities. 10 years ago, happened to turn the world upside down changes of public transport in Wuhan, especially in the past 3 years, public transport plays an increasingly important role in Wuhan travel. The bus network is dense in recent years, the Wuhan public transport to achieve a rapid development, the rail transportation as the backbone, regular bus as the main ferry, taxi to supplement, public bicycle slow traffic tool for the convergence of the integration of public transportation system gradually forming. Wuhan is about to enter the era of public transport." Shijiaowei responsible person, at present, Wuhan bus, trolley bus, subway, rail, ferry, public bicycle, will be opened at the end of the tram, bus rapid transit BRT, basically all the domestic public transportation. For the public, the biggest change in 3 years from the track to go相关的主题文章: