Xinjiang officials denied rumours that the reporter wages dissatisfied please Sue (video)-kaya scodelario

Xinjiang officials denied rumours that the wages of reporter: Please sue Xinjiang denied rumors of discontent on Tencent in September 18 hearing rumors of Xinjiang sports team has recently been involved in on rumors, two former foreign aid Crawford and cotton to litigation by FIBA sent. To this end, the Xinjiang team made a statement. In a statement, the Xinjiang team said that the two sides have reached a full understanding of the signing of a settlement agreement, and has fulfilled all obligations to fulfill their respective obligations in the settlement agreement, the case has ended. At the same time, the Xinjiang team denied that the team did not wage arrears of cotton, also never received the FIBA, Chinese Basketball Association, and the cotton material and mail my lawyer any prosecution of the club. The famous basketball player Su Qun wrote in his micro-blog in this way, the Xinjiang team chairman Hou Wei said on the Xinjiang team on the news is not true. "Like this groundless news, can sue broke the news? Crawford is not good eyes, we and he had agreed to resolve, as for cotton, there was no such thing. Write this message, in the end want to do for the Xinjiang team?" Hou Wei says so. For the Xinjiang team, the reporter broke the news has also made a response. "Su Qun teacher, hello. Xinjiang Crawford said the dispute over, is said to have the dispute, only to solve, how to cheat? If I was in Xinjiang, so I have been finished for CBA, in addition, chairman of Mr. Hou Wei, we recognize that there is not a day for two days, if not satisfied please sue me, what is false news or a dirty lie, netizens say not." (Yang Weili) [Planning] Xinjiang men’s basketball season summed up the "mercenary" mode difficult to win (video and the original has nothing to do, only for extended reading.)相关的主题文章: