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Xishuangbanna: elephant plagued residents looking for food with people go shopping not – Yunnan Beijing News (reporter intern reporter Li Xing? Wu Jie Zhou Haiyan) Xishuangbanna elephant is "powder", trapped pool Meng Meng Da, never abandon special touching, but at the same time, they also often cause trouble to the local residents. "The elephant is getting more and more daring, (sometimes) on the streets of Menghai." October 13th, deputy secretary of Xishuangbanna state governor Luo Hongjiang led the team to a guest golden hotline. In the program, he said, because the development of Xishuangbanna elephant populations, but the activity space is more and more small, the conflict between human and elephant can hardly be avoided. Local residents have awareness of protection of wild elephants, usually to elephants, but in such a way that the elephant is not afraid of people, even to find something to eat the old people to go along with, there are security risks. "Elephants are growing, and we are happy that they like Xishuangbanna. But on the other hand, it creates trouble, which can cause harm to crops and human life." The problem of wild elephant is actually the problem of natural resources in Xishuangbanna, and the contradiction between development and environmental protection must be broken from the concept and action. This program, Luo Hongjiang first brought a good news, the state of Xishuangbanna through the infrastructure construction of the national ecological environmental protection department, in July 29th of this year, "this shows that our success in Xishuangbanna to solve the conflict between development and protection is very obvious." This spurred the development of Xishuangbanna and environmental protection to continue to grasp, and break the contradiction between protection and development, Luo Hongjiang introduced from two aspects. The first is to promote the people of all nationalities throughout the country firmly establish the concept of unswervingly follow the road of ecological civilization development. "In particular, Xishuangbanna should combine modern education with the simple ecological view of our Xishuangbanna people. There is only a forest of water, there is water, there are fields, there is only grain, there are only food." The second is to let people get benefits in ecological protection in the process of developing ecological economy, the green mountains and rivers into the gold and silver mines. To this end, Xishuangbanna identified a special biological, tourism culture, bio processing and manufacturing, health care, modern service industry, such as the six major eco economic industries. Comes to the concern of the wild elephant conservation problem, Luo Hongjiang introduced several schemes. "One is to build an elephant’s food base, specialized in some of the food to eat elephants to avoid dealing with people. In addition to the construction of protective ditch and protective wall, this investment is very large. Another example of a less aggressive and aggressive type of elephant may be appropriate, individually, to send it to an elephant breeding base to limit its activity." In addition, Xishuangbanna will use drones and other means to monitor the elephants, elephants know where people have to consider not to open.  相关的主题文章: