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Yi Jianlian responded: "surrender" some detours is not bad – Sohu news information: on October 5th, Yi Jianlian debuted at the Losangeles lakers. People.com.cn October 26 Losangeles Xinhua (reporter Liao Zhengjun) the American occupation basketball league (NBA) regular season a new season has started, Chinese star Yi Jianlian was preparing to leave for home. According to the official website of Losangeles Lakers 24 local time, Yi Jianlian said, with the Lakers after some communication, decided to leave the initiative ", and declared the end of the contract relationship. Yi Jianlian on the evening of 25 responded to this "surrender" to people.com.cn reporters in Losangeles, said: "this is the result of both in-depth communication," said the athlete "some detours is not bad". According to the news website of the Lakers, in the NBA season "war" on the eve of Yi Jianlian to the Lakers took the initiative to express "active cut" idea, and in the communication between the two sides after the Lakers released him and striker Anthony? Brown’s contract, also a former NBA all star striker Ci Shiping and senior player Thomas? Robinson finally escaped from the Lakers, which determine the upper limit of 15 man squad list before the regular season opener, against the Rockets in the first 27 days. Chinese is fondly called "Yi Jianlian Yi" is a player who has Chinese occupation basketball arena most valuable, in the summer Olympic Games in Rio also showed remarkable. After playing the games, he raced with the Lakers signed a one-year contract, this is to return to the battle of NBA Yi after a lapse of four years. 2007, just over 20 year old Yi Jianlian had been selected for the Bucks, began his first time was a lot of media with the word "gray" to describe the NBA journey. Recalling that year, Yi Jianlian told reporters, age and experience have been growing, professional athletes always have the courage to try." In August 23rd October 24th formally signed a formal surrender, Yi Jianlian was carrying many people on the "successor of Yao Ming" expectations, but he just 63 days the Lakers career will temporarily come to an end. He does not want too much response to the outside world about the "active leave the reasons of speculation, only on people.com.cn reporter said," when I found myself and do not reach the desired characteristics of play center can not play a real advantage of their own, and I think the team left may be the best decision. "" sure, players have to face all kinds of opportunities and challenges, both good and bad, for me, is a very important occupation career experience ", then," I need some time to adjust, also want to digest these days of experience". According to the former U.S. ESPN reported that the Lakers and Yi Jianlian signed a total of $8 million contract, which is based on a salary of about $1 million 140 thousand, but there is a guaranteed salary of only $250 thousand. Since it was cut off by NBA in January 10th, which was not guaranteed until the end of each year in, Yi Jianlian could only get a guaranteed salary in the contract, that is, he could get at least $250 thousand. The Lakers have 8 preseason games this season, Yi Jianlian"相关的主题文章: