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"Old play bone" guest Zhang Jiayi – Zhejiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: "old play bone" Zhang Jiayi Cameo revolutionary history theme "red flag manjuan West" will visit the Oriental TV in October 21st. The cast out of old and new collocation, both Zhang Su, Lv Yi, Ji Ta, Bai and other young actors, and Zhang Jiayi, Du Zhiguo, Guo Xiaofeng, Fang Qingzhuo, Zhang Guangbei, Tan Kai and other old drama of bone anchors. It is reported that Zhang Jiayi in the drama guest interpretation of the revolutionary leader, known as "old wood" Cheng Muxian. The director said that because of the historical background of the play related to Shaanxi, Shaanxi actors, including Zhang Jiayi, are very enthusiastic and show their willingness to participate. The actress Lv Yi said, "this is the only time I’ve ever made a movie. All the actors have never eaten in private. They’re all eaten on the spot. There’s no time.". The director is neglected, so that the crew forgot to put a meal, he had completely forgotten, he felt so good, I cry, let a man then burst into tears, I believe the audience will feel good." Actor Zhang Su is injured on the first day of shooting action scenes. He said, when the crew was filming a fight scene, "I stumbled, knock to the post on the front floor. It was very painful, but I had to climb up, run, turn on the wall, and read the lines aloud, because there was a blast at the back."

“老戏骨”张嘉译客串–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:“老戏骨”张嘉译客串 革命历史题材《红旗漫卷西风》将于10月21日登陆东方卫视。该剧的演员阵容实行新老搭配,既有张粟、吕一、姬他、封柏等青年演员,又有张嘉译、杜志国、郭晓峰、方青卓、张光北、谭凯等“老戏骨”压阵。 据悉,张嘉译在剧中客串演绎革命的带路人、人称“老木头”的程慕贤。导演介绍说,由于该剧的历史背景和陕西有关,因此包括张嘉译在内的陕西籍演员都很热情,义不容辞地表示参演。 女主角吕一透露:“这是我拍戏以来唯一一次所有的演员从来没有在私底下吃过饭的,都是在现场吃,没有时间。导演更是废寝忘食,都忘记让剧组放饭了,他已经完全忘记了,他觉得太好看,自己哭,能让一个男人那么泪流满面的,我相信观众也会觉得好看。” 男主角张粟更是在第一天拍大场面动作戏的时候就受伤了。他表示,当时剧组正在拍摄一场巷战的戏,“我被绊倒了,磕到前面板车的柱子上。非常疼,但因为后面还有炸点,我就坚持爬起来继续跑,翻上墙,大声念台词。”相关的主题文章: